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Film Legend Charlie Chaplin’s Dark Secret Revealed

There are now hundreds of actors in the film industry nowadays, that is just in Hollywood, there are a couple hundred more all over the world that are all part of the same industry. They basically have one job, and that is to portray roles that are given to them.

There are some actors who are just so great that they actually get into their characters so much, there are also some actors who could literally play any character and managing to nail them every single time. Then again, there are also actors who portrays one character and people would know him for that one particular character since they either played for so long or they were just so good at it.

However, being an actor is a career that doesn’t last forever. Their star doesn’t always shine the brightest, in fact, not every star gets to shine so bright that they could leave a legacy behind and people from the future generations would know them. There is one star in particular though, that even if it has already been dead, it was too far from being forgotten. That star is known as The Tramp, Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin’s Film Legacy

Almost everyone in the film industry knows who he is, Chaplin may have been long gone, but his name will continue to be famous for the remarkable job he has done during his time in the industry. He was, or more like still is, the most famous silent film actor of all time, and that will simply never change.

Most people wonder why Chaplin still matters even if there are actually other actors in the past that are great as well. What they don’t actually realize is that Chaplin was known for what he does, and no one has ever been famous for it again. He was the only one who actually has a famous persona that is so recognizable that you cannot mistake him from anyone. There are no more silent films, therefore, he was literally the last one to become famous for it, which makes him even more iconic

Chaplin is known for his character in “The Tramp”

It was back in the early 1900s when silence films rose to fame, and it is basically a From of visual entertainment without the use of any spoken dialogue or sound. Mimes were really popular and Chaplin is one of those actors who is literally known for it. His character on the Tramp was a man with an iconic middle mustache wearing a suit and a hat, who is holding a cane. This has been such an iconic image that when people see it, even until now, they would know it was Chaplin.

An Icon’s Dark Past

Despite being so iconic in the comedy scene during his prime, he is still human just like every single of us. Just like almost every comedian, he also has a dark past that he chose to cover through the laughter that he brings to the people.

It turns out that behind all the laughter he has brought to his audience, he actually had a pretty devastating childhood. When he was only a year old, his father left the family so the poor young Chaplin had to live and grow up through poverty. What most people don’t know is that his father, Charles Chaplin, was also an entertainer, who is working as a comic singer back in the late 1800s. Despite having enough money to provide for his son Charlie, he didn’t bother, which was why he got arrested.

Chaplin’s father was in the entertainment industry as well

This dark childhood obviously did not stop Chaplin from finding the happiness over anything. He once said that despite having so many problems, he always somehow manages to smile because life itself is worthwhile.

Chaplin also believes that when a day goes by and a person didn’t laugh even once, then it is considered to be a day that has been wasted. The legendary comedian definitely made a huge impact on his audience then and even now. He is definitely one of those people who makes sure that laughter is possible if only you allow yourself to laugh, since happiness sure is a choice that anyone can make, regardless of how tough life may be some days.

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