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Before They Were Famous Musicians, They Were Teachers

Being a teacher requires two things from you, creativity and energy. And it is very difficult to keep the young learners engaged. History tells us that there are many famous musicians who were teachers once.

And the dedication they showed in teaching took them in the highest ranks of the music industry. These musicians shared their love for music by teaching before getting international fame. And the energy they showed in their concerts to keep the audience alive is the proof that they must have kept their students alive as well. Below is the list of famous musicians who used to teach.


Merrill Beth Nisker was the original name of Peaches.

The real name of Peaches was Merrill Nisker and she was famous for her arrogant attacks on gender roles. There are only a few who know that she started her career as a music teacher in Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto where she used to teach drama and music. She grew up in Toronto and despite her conservative living environment, she turned to a bold girl after becoming a musician.


Everyone knows him with his stage name – Sting.

Sting was so famous on stage that almost everyone remembers him from his stage name and no one his original name. In his early music career from 1974 to 1976, Sting used to attend a school as a teacher in Newcastle, England. In 1977, he moved to London where he fully concentrated on his music and soon released his album “The Police”. Success followed after the album and “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” was the best hit of the series.

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow belonged to a musical family.

Sheryl Crow belonged to a musical family as her mother taught piano and father played the trumpet. When she attended music classes at the University of Missouri, it looked like nine-time Grammy winner had a natural choice to study music.

She was in no hurry to enter into the music industry rather she decided to transform her music to the young generation as she worked as an elementary school music teacher. Her professional career started with the back-to-back ads for selling school goods. Then she started doing vocals with the great musicians like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.


J-Live – the hip-hop star used to teach English in middle school

J-Live, best known for his hip-hop music, started his music career from University at Albany, the State University of New York where he majored in English. When he completed his degree, he started teaching English in a middle school in Brooklyn and at that time his music career was on the rise.

Roberta Flack

While teaching in Washington DC, the music career of Roberta Flack took off.

Roberta Flack was well known for her expressive singing and she had a lot of hits to her name like “Feel Like Makin’ Love”, and “Killing Me Softly with His Song”. When she was 15, Roberta attended Howard University.

After completing her degree, she became the first black student teacher at a school in Maryland. After that, she moved to a school in North Carolina where she used to teach music. At that time she used to sing in the bars in the evening and that’s the point where her music career took off.

J.T. Taylor

James “J.T.” Taylor was a pop star and belonged to the famous band “Kool and the Gang”

J.T. Taylor was a vital part of the American band “Kool and the Gang” and his hits include “Celebration” and “Ladies Night”. Before being recognized as a pop star, Taylor used to give lessons to pre-schoolers.

Jimmy Driftwood

Jimmy Driftwood performed in many schools and colleges and started teaching in 1957.

For almost the 2nd half of the 20th century, Jimmy Driftwood remained a mainstay of folks scene. He acted as songsmith, musician, and folklorist in his musical career. Driftwood acted as a teacher in Arkansas in 1957. “Battle of New Orleans” was his famous ballad and that was written to teach students about the history. He performed in many schools and colleges in his last performances.

Natalie Gauci

Natalie Gauci won Australian Idol back in 2007

Before appearing in Australian Idol 2007, Natalia Gauci used to be a music teacher. She started teaching Catholic high school Academy after she graduated from Victorian College of the Arts. Before winning the music contest, she used to sing in the bars in Melbourne.

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