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LEGO Announces Giant Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Set

Get ready to visit the Hogwarts Castle on September 1 as LEGO is all set to release the building. You and your friends may need to shrink yourselves in order to walk inside the halls of the castle and participate in its mysteries. This LEGO building contains 6,000+ pieces and is one of the biggest company has ever produced.

Yes, there is no doubt that Millennium Falcon Set was the biggest with 7,500+ pieces but it cost twice of Hogwarts Castle. The release date of the castle set is ideal as you can add it to the list of summer shopping items. And there is a plenty of time available to prepare for  Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald which is all set to hit theaters on 16th November.

Build the castle and give yourself an opportunity to sit in Great Hall and feast with the professors and students.

If your kid is a fan of the Harry Potter collection, there is something which he/she can add to the collection as LEGO recently introduced the set of Great Hall. If you are thinking of buying this new gigantic Hogwarts castle, you need to clear some space in your house or even build a new wing house.

This castle comes with 6000 pieces and gives you a super building experience. All the things you have seen in the Harry Potter are embedded in it like Hagrid’s hut, towers, creatures, and turrets.

LEGO made model will allow you to build a closet containing a boggart.

This perfect Harry Potter Collection also contains a couple of minifigures and more than 25 micro-figures which include statues, building sets, professors, and students. Detailed items description is given below.


The castle comes with 4 minifigures including Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, and Helga Hufflepuff. It also contains a minifigure display stand.


There are 27 micro-figures in the set including:

  • The architect of the Hogwarts™ statue
  • Harry Potter™
  • 2 chess pieces
  • Ron Weasley™
  • 4 houses – 3 students from each house
  • Hermione Granger™
  • Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Draco Malfoy™
  • Lord Voldemort™
  • Albus Dumbledore™
  • Argus Filch
  • Professor Snape™
  • Professor Dolores Umbridge™
  • Professor McGonagall™

Other than these, there is also a buildable model of the castle, 5 boats, and hut of Hagrid.

Other Items

Other than micro-figures and minifigures, the castle contains Great Hall which is loaded with glass windows. Other features of the Hall contains banners, benches, staircases, torches, and tables. The classroom portions are occupied with jar elements racks. The castle also contains famous Harry Potter classrooms also known as Defence Against the Dark Arts. The classrooms also contain a closet with evil spirits. Other accessory elements of the model include 2 magnifying glasses, Helga Hufflepuff´s cup, and house banners.

Learn how to protect yourself from black magic with Defence Against the Dark Arts class.

This is not the first time that LEGO has released a Harry Potter model. A few years back, the company released a simpler model of Hogwarts which contained 1,290 pieces. You can buy this new Hogwarts Castle on 1st September. If you are in the US, the price is $399.99, if you are in the UK, the price is £349.99 and if you are in Australia, the price is AU$649.99.

According to reports, the height of the LEGO model is 22”, width is 27” and it is 16” deep.

You might not be able to attend the original Hogwarts Castle but you can build your own with this 6,020 pieces long LEGO castle. You will get a chance to build everything you have seen in the series from Defence Against the Dark Arts to the Great Hall. The castle will take plenty of time to build up and you can spend days exploring all the nooks of it.

The measurement of the castle is 69cm in width, 58cm in height, and 43cm deep. Build the Defence Against the Dark Arts classes and learn how to defend yourself against dark magic. Enter into the castle from the secret entrance and then face Basilisk. You will also get an opportunity to sit in Great Hall and have a feast with students and Hogwarts professors. It’s not going to be easy to put together all the 6,020 pieces and it will take days to build the castle. And you will need some help from the magic spell as well.

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