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This New Fidget Spinner Is Already Breaking Guinness World Records

Everyone wants to have something under his sleeves to impress people. Also, you want to create that wow reaction which you used to utter when you were a kid and your seniors do something impressive. There is a new spinning fidget known as LIMBO which can recreate all those “oohs” and “ahhs”. The fidget is a prototype made by Kickstarter and defies all the laws of gravity.

If anyone has seen the movie “Inception”, he/she can easily identify this spinning fidget as the one which Leonardo DiCaprio used to spin to determine whether he is in a dream or not. In reality, it is much harder to tell whether you are in a dream or not but with this spinning fidget you can amaze people as it can spin for hours.

LIMBO – A spinning fidget powered by Fearless Toys ltd has broken the record for a single magical widget to spin on the surface.

LIMBO is brought to you by Fearless Toys Ltd and recently it has broken the Guinness Book of Worl Record for the longest spinning mechanical fidget. The whole system of this fidget revolves around PID algorithm. It contains a spinning battery and a silent motor which allow LIMBO to spin for hours.

The shape of the fidget is normal as it looks like a usual spinning top. But from inside it is totally different. The autonomous technology of the top enables it to adjust the speed depending upon the surface on which it is revolving. If you are not good at spinning tops, don’t worry, LIMBO will also take care of that.

From the outside, it looks like a normal spinning top but it is totally different from inside as it contains a silent motor and a powerful battery which allows it to spin for longer.

While commenting on the fidget, Tom Ben-Yehuda, the CEO of LIMBO said that he has always been fascinated by the magical objects. He said that he always had a wish to create something magical, something which looks normal but behaves as a magical object.

He further said after Thor’s hammer, LIMBO was the biggest challenge in his career. According to Ben-Yehuda, the biggest fear they had while making LIMBO was that people won’t believe as it is very easy to fake a video. He said that people won’t believe that a spinning fidget can spin for hours. But they knew that if they somehow managed to get the Guinness Book of World Record certificate, then people have to believe.

In this video, you can see LIMBO spinning on a table case, coin, tomato, candle, Christmas hat, and marker. And the only thing on which it does not spin is tambourine. The jumpy surface of tambourine makes it really hard for the record-breaker to spin on it.

In pursuit of breaking the record, the company sent 6 LIMBOS on June 18, 2018, hoping that one of those would be a record breaker. And that’s what exactly happened, one of those six broke the record with the spinning time of 27 hours, 9 minutes, and 24 seconds. The witnesses were impressed with the effectiveness that lied within LIMBO.

And it will not be wrong to say that no magic trick is too old to be praised. Ben-Yehuda said that they are amazed by the love LIMBO is getting and after almost a year they had no idea what the response would be like. The CEO further said that when they first showed the prototypes of the gadget to a bunch of people, their response was like are you crazy.

In the lights of transportable magic, LIMBO is very practical. One can keep the top in the pocket as it comes with an attachable keychain. According to the company, the initial funding goal of the spinning top was $490k and it has already surpassed the amount.

And it shows that once a self-created magical object moves into production, it becomes available at a discounted price. You can have your own LIMBO with $49 in your pocket. In that amount, you will also get a World Record Kit and a LIMBO base. If you want to have something truly fascinating or want to add some more magic into your life, then you can see LIMBO here.

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