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Remember The Other Member of Destiny’s Child? LeToya Luckett Went Through a Lot after Being Ousted

Destiny’s Child was the bomb – since the all-girl group came into the public’s consciousness, the members’ careers climbed to unimaginable heights. However, despite their massive success, there were some women eliminated from the set, including LeToya Luckett.

What people may now know is that Destiny’s Child was composed of Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams. However, long before the latter joined the group, there were two others ousted: LeToya and LaTavia Roberson.


Destiny’s Child was launched in 1997 with the hit ‘No, No, No’ – at the time, the group was still a quartet. However, LeToya and LaTavia explained that their departure from the band was due to a fight with Beyonce’s dad and the band’s former manager, Matthew Knowles.

Robert Hoetink / Shutterstock Most of us will only remember Michelle Williams, Beyonce, and Kelly Rowland as the Destiny’s Child

The former members were not satisfied with how Matthew managed them so they tried to look for another person to handle Destiny’s Child. However, this only led to their ousting – the worst part is that neither LeToya nor LaTavia had no idea that they were dropped.

The ladies only knew about their firing when the music video for Beyonce’s ‘Say My Name’ was released, noticing how it had new featured members. For her part, the Oscar winner claimed that LeToya and LaTavia were informed of the changes.

Michelle and Farrah Franklin replaced the old members but the latter only lasted for six months with Destiny’s Child because of her own issues within the group. From then, it only became known as a trio, enjoying a successful musical career before disbanding in 2005.


There’s much controversy surrounding their exit but LeToya is now breaking her silence two decades after what happened. The ‘I Miss You’ hitmaker admitted she struggled so hard following her firing that she was in tears as she detailed her painful past.

DFree / Shutterstock Beyonce said her former groupmates were informed of the changes

In an Instagram Live, LeToya shared that she stayed at different houses of friends after her Destiny’s Child stint, a painful event that she has never told before. She also experienced sleeping in her car while on the process of doing her first album. Tears began pouring as she recalled how she used to live in just a gallon of water and microwavable noodles.

Being Successful Again

It was a difficult period of her life but fortunately, LeToya managed to rise from the rubbles. As a solo artist, she has found success after releasing her first album, ‘LeToya,’ which was dropped in 2006.

Artem Labunsky/Unsplash The singer had to live through noodles

This was just the start of her very colorful career as she went on to release hit songs and albums. As for her relationship with her former bandmates, LeToya said that she remains friends with them including Beyonce.

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