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Another David Bowie Boxed Compilation Is Coming Out This Year

There are so many iconic musicians the world has seen over the past couple of decades. Some of them have unfortunately passed but will never be forgotten because of the legacy that they have left behind, and that is their timeless hits.

The songs, as well as the life they have lived, are basically what inspires their fans, it is the kind of influence most musicians want to leave behind. One of the most influential artists of all time was David Bowie, and during the 20th century, he dominated the music scene and over years, he had managed to share his incredible talent in music to the world.

Bowie was actually known to be one of the best-selling recording artists of all time not just in the United States and the United Kingdom, but all over the world. In fact, the British singer had managed to sell more than 140 million albums, that also led to him being included on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was so big in the 60s till the first couple of years of the new millennium. He took a break but came back in 2013.

Last Album Before Passing

Even if there are so many new artists out there during the 21st century, Bowie still continued to do his craft and shared it to the world. In 2016, he even released a brand-new album entitled Blackstar in time for his 69th birthday. Unfortunately, just two days after that, he passed away in his apartment in New York City.

Turns out that the legendary musician had been suffering from liver cancer for more than a year, but it was kept a secret. Which is why it definitely shocked everyone when it was reported his sudden death. Bowie had been working not just on his album, but also on a musical entitled Lazarus with Broadway director Ivo van Hove.


The director actually revealed that Bowie found it very difficult to attend the rehearsals on the said play because he had been struggling with his illness. His cancer was stopping him from working but he actually tried so hard to fight through it.

His producer, Tony Visconti, also admitted the singer has always managed to fight through the pain he was going through at that time. Bowie lived his life by doing what he loved most and that is making music.

He worked so hard on his last album and turns out it was his parting gift to those who had always been there to support him after all these years, and for this who will continue to listen to his amazing music. His death even made the sales of his albums and singles rise up to the top, and this then led to some record labels compiling his hits and actually releasing limited edition sets in honor of the singer.

1980s Boxed Set To Be Released

He was at his peak during the 80s and he has definitely dominated the music scene at that time. People of this generation and the future generation may not know him, but they could get to know him through his music. This is one of the main reasons why the Parlophone Records will be releasing some more of this boxed sets of Bowie’s compilations. They have released three boxed compilations before just like the “Five Years 1969-1973,” “Who Can I Be Now? 1974-1976,” and the most recent one which is “A New Career in a New Town.”

This coming October, the said record studio will actually be releasing their fourth David Bowie boxed set, and this time around, it will be his music from the 80s entirely “David Bowie: Loving the Aliens 1983-1988,” this, of course, includes some of his most popular albums at that time such as “Let’s Dance” as well as “Tonight.”

This compilation will include some of the original version as well as the remastered versions of a few songs in the album. Together with some remixes that a lot of people haven’t actually heard before. This boxed-set also comes with a 128-page book on the CD Box, and it also comes with another book with 84 pages on it for the vinyl set. They will feature most of the unseen photographs of Bowie while working on the albums.

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