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Here Are the Best One-Hit Wonders of All Time

Other than songs, artists can also be one-hit wonders as they often contribute to the all-time hit songs. Take the example of Tommy Tutone as most of the people don’t know the band but everyone knows Jenny’s phone number – 867-5309.

In the last couple of decades, we have been blessed by many hit songs courtesy of the singers. Below are some of the classic one-hit songs, so take a look at those and revisit your old memories.

“Rockin Robin” (By Bobby Day)

Bobby Day’s “Rockin Robin

“Rockin Robin” was the best childhood song for the many of us. The song got more famous when Jackson 5 sang it again in 1972. Bobby Day was the original singer who sang it in 1958. The track was the biggest hit of Bobby and also was his only hit song.

“Hey! Baby” (By Bruce Channel)

“Hey! Baby”, sang by Bruce Channel back in 1961

At many sporting concerts, you have listened to the DJ remix version of “Hey! Baby” but the original version of the song is more relaxing. The original version was sung by Bruce Channel and the track made it to the top hot 100 of Billboards back in 1962. The song became more famous when a 1987 movie “Dirty Dancing” used it in a scene.

“Wipe Out” (By The Surfaris)

The Surfaris sang “Wipe Out” in 1963

There are many people who will not recognize the song by its name but chances you may have listened to the song as a cover. The song has been used in over 20 shows and movies and in every decade, the song is once popped up. For almost four months, “Wipe Out” remained in the top chart of Billboard but unfortunately never reached to the top.

“Spirit In The Sky” (By Norman Greenbaum)

Norman Greenbaum sang “Spirit in the sky” in 1969.

The only solo hit song of Norman Greenbaum was “Spirit in the sky”. Although he sang many other decent songs with his band Jim Kweskin Jug Band but the fame he got with this track was impeccable. In different countries charts, the song hit the heights and reached number 3 in Billboard’s top chart.

Sugar Sugar (By The Archies)


The Archies sang “Sugar Sugar” in 1969.

“Sugar Sugar” is the only virtual song that has made to the list. The cast of the song contains fictional characters like Reggie, Archie, Veronica, and Jughead. After becoming the signatures song of The Archies, the track was ranked number in 1969. Other than “Sugar Sugar”, the only other song of the Archies that made it to the top 10 was “Jingle Jangle”.

“O-o-h Child” (By Five Stairsteps)

Five Stairsteps sang “O-o-h Child” in 1970

It was very unfortunate that other than “O-o-h Child”, Five Stairsteps got no other famous track. In the list of top 500 Greatest Songs Of All-time, this track was ranked 402. And in Billboard Hot 100, the song ranked at 8th. There is another special thing about this track – it has been used in many famous TV shows like “How I Met Your Mother” and “Guardian of the Galaxy”.

Mr. Big Stuff (By Jean Knight)

Jean Knight sang “Mr. Big Stuff” in 1971.

The track spent five weeks at the number one position in Soul Singers chart and it was one of the famous songs in the 1970’s. It remained at number 2 position in Billboard Hot 100. Jean Knight much fame from this song but was unable to capitalize on it after that as she never able to replicate her success.

Brandy (By Looking Glass)

Looking Glass played “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” in 1972

There were only three singles that were released by Looking Glass brand and “Brandy (You are a fine girl)” was one of those. And the other two were “Golden Rainbow” and “Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne”. And among those, “Brandy” was the only hit song. According to Kurt Russel (Ego), Brandy’s composition is one of the best song compositions in the world.

“Dancing In The Moonlight” (By King Harvest)

“Dancing in the moonlight” was the only hit song played by King Harvest and the track reached number 13 in Billboard ranking. The band stormed many ups and downs (like breakups) but they released another song back in 2016. Back in 2000, the cover of the song was released by a British band Toploader.

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