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Paul McCartney Returns to Abbey Road Studio 49 Years Later to Record a New Album

The Beatles are one of the most iconic bands of the century, and even those who aren’t fans of the musical group won’t question their brilliance. The band may have broken up now after a relatively short career, but their music will continue to live forever. The Beatles released 206 compositions in the 60’s during the peak of their career and they have sold over 600 million albums to date. One of their remaining members, Paul McCartney, is actually still pretty big in the music scene, especially after releasing an all-new album.

Abbey Road Comeback and New Album

On July 23 last year, McCartney performed at the Abbey Road Studios with his “secret concert” to unveil four new songs. These songs are just previews for his upcoming album titled Egypt Station, which released earlier in September. This secret concert was actually very special for the veteran singer since he performed at the same studio where The Beatles used to record their compositions, as confirmed by Spotify’s spokesperson.

A couple of weeks before that, while doing a Carpool Karaoke with James Corden for his late-night show, McCartney surprised a few of his fans in a pub in Liverpool with some of his new songs as well as some of the classic Beatles hit like “Hey Jude”. The video on YouTube already has reached 29 million views. They also stopped at Penny Lane since it was his famous hometown.

It has actually been 49 years since the Beatles released their Abbey Road album. So when McCartney recreated the album cover along with his daughter, Mary, who was born in the same year as the album’ release, people went absolutely crazy. It was posted on his daughter’s Instagram page with a caption reading, “Why did The Beatles cross the Abbey Road?”.

McCartney also answered some questions from fans on Instagram. One of the questions was why he wasn’t wearing any shoes while they were crossing, the veteran singer said in response that he was actually wearing sandals at the time and he took them off during the photo shoot for the album because it was a really hot day.. He even added that there wasn’t exactly any special meaning behind it.

McCartney’s newest album will be released on the 7th of September, and right now, it is available on pre-order not just on digital format, but also in CDs, standard vinyl, limited edition 180-gram vinyl, and even a special hand-numbered box set for those who wants to listen to it the old school way.

Musicians He Admires The Most

The 76-year-old veteran singer even did a live Facebook Q&A recently, where he revealed some lesser-known facts about him such as the names of musicians he admires the most. Ofcourse, McCartney had to include his fellow Beatles, such as John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr and especially John whom he had written and recorded songs for years.

He even revealed a secret about the songwriting process while he was with The Beatles. According to McCartney, whoever thought of the first verse first, would be the one credited for the song. Usually, it was Lennon, he said, as he was incredibly brilliant. The singer also revealed that, apart from his fellow band mates, he also admires one singer he had worked with once before – and that is Stevie Wonder.

It was back in 1982 while McCartney was still focusing on his solo career when the two artists collaborated on a song called “Ebony and Ivory”, and just after seven weeks of its release, it has managed to stay on the top charts. In an interview at the time, it was revealed that it was actually McCartney who wrote the song and he wanted to sing it with an African-American singer. His very first choice at the time was to sing it with Stevie Wonder.

The chart-topping song was also reported to have been recorded on an island known as Monsterrat because both singers wanted to record the song where they could actually feel relaxed, hence the care-free sound it actually brings when you listen to it.

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