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We Are Not Trolling Around! Troll Dolls Are the Best Gift for 90’s Kids

There’s something about Troll dolls that enticed young kids from the 1990s – this strange-looking toy was generally not cute as far as today’s standard is concerned and was hundreds of miles far from how the popular Barbie and Ken dolls looked. Interestingly, these small toys were such a hit during the 90’s that they even spawned video games and cartoons. You can easily get yourself a super cute Troll doll here.

Troll dolls have become a massive hit in early ‘90s after its introduction in the United States

For those who haven’t encountered them during their childhood, Troll dolls were small figures that had neon-colored spiky hair and red eyes. At first glance, they didn’t look like something you’d want to get for your child, especially since trolls are mythical creatures usually portrayed as the grumpy gate guards – but there was something about these toys that had the 90’s kids completely hooked.

History of Troll Dolls

Troll dolls originated in Denmark and were created by a fisherman named Thomas Dam, hence the reason why these toys were originally called Dam dolls. Being a woodcarver, the Danish used wood to create the doll which he gave to his daughter as a Christmas gift in 1959.

Other kids in the village saw the child’s doll and requested one of their own. Eventually, it made its way to the United States and other parts of the world, while its popularity remained steady in the country of origination. It became one of the most definitive toys of the early 90s, and its recent has been a long-time coming.

Implication of Massive Success

The massive success of the Troll dolls paved the way for video games and film adaptations. In 1991, a cartoon special titled “The Magic Trolls and The Troll Warriors” was released, followed by another 30-minute special, “Magical Super Trolls,” which was released the following year.

Troll dolls-based video games soon pushed through as well: Trolls, Trolls on Treasure Island, and Super Troll Islands. But perhaps, the toys’ prominence peaked when a neon pink-haired troll briefly appeared in the 1995 Disney film “Toy Story” and its 1999 sequel. The toy proved its staying power after it became a regular in Disney films and was again featured in the third franchise of the animated film in 2010. More recently, DreamWorks released a 3D comedy film that revolved around these creatures titled “Trolls.”

Collector’s Items

In short, Troll dolls were considered one of the collectibles at the time. Surprisingly, nobody ever wondered why kids were so interested in these wild-haired little creatures. However, it wasn’t just the children who were fond of the troll dolls.

It was reported that there were teenage parties solely dedicated to bringing and playing with their Troll dolls, pretty much like a tea party but only with the dolls. Pilot Betty Miller, the first woman to fly across the Pacific Ocean, flew with no one but her trusty doll by her side. When she was invited to the White House, she was photographed carrying her small companion.

The Troll Hole is a heaven for the ‘90s kids

There was even an impressive fan of the toy, dubbed as the “Troll Princess,” from West Virginia who said she had been collecting Trolls dolls for 45 years. A self-proclaimed “Troll Queen,” meanwhile, got a Guinness World Record for having 3,000 of the toys in her museum called The Troll Hole.

Even though Hasbro has released a more color-appropriate line of trolls, which had obviously major differences in the overall look, it still pays to get the original Troll dolls. Understand that these were not battery-operated, so there’s no movement involved; they’re limbs aren’t bendable like most Barbie dolls nowadays, and they don’t have clothes to style. The bottom line is that these mini dolls managed to influence the ‘90s kids desite being so different from other children’s toys.

Troll dolls make a great gift to people from the 90s because of the sense of nostalgia they evoke and remind the receiver about childhood years which were mostly spent fixing the troll’s out-of-control hair and putting them side-by-side with other dolls for comparison. Troll dolls have been celebrated so much that it’s impossible not to include them in the list of retro toys to get for other people.

It is also believed that Troll dolls are a sign of good luck, so sharing one may help a friend one way or another. Also, if you realize now that these toys weren’t the cutest from the bunch you had in the closet, just remember how fun it was rubbing it gem belly button and making voice over during playtime.

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