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Why Led Zeppelin Won’t Reunite

Back in the 1960’s, Led Zeppelin recorded their first album and after 8 albums and 12 years, the death of John Bonham – drummer of the band – has shut the whole band down. The creativity and songwriting, the band showed in those 8 albums have put the band as one of finest in rock history.

According to stats, almost 300 million copies of those 8 albums were sold over the years. Back in 2007, the band took the O2 arena of London with Jason – Bonham’ son – on drums and performed for two hours. That show made fans dream of more shows and new albums from the band. After the London show, people thought the band can reunite again but that wasn’t the case, here is why.

Death Of John Bonham

Death of John Bonham was one of the main reasons the band did not reunite.

The band effectively finished on September 25, 1980, when drummer John Bonham died. He was a passionate lover and a drinker too and on that day he drank 40 measures during a 12-hour band rehearsal.

A few months later, the other members officially ended the band and released an official statement as well. After the death of our beloved partner Bonham, it is not possible for us to continue the same way we did before, the statement stated. The statement was informative and expressing that the band is over and they will not receive clients order any more.

Old Band With Old Audience

All the band members have crossed 70 and they last shared the stage 11 years ago. Even though Jones still performs with other people and Plant go solo with the band, it was highly unlikely that the band will perform together after the London show. So to assume a band with all members 70 plus rocking an audience of 40,000 is a bit awkward. Banging heads in this age can be a problem for the shoulders and neck.

Fine Brothers Entertainment conducted a social experiment on YouTube in which a bunch of kids aged 13 and under were asked to listen to some of the Led Zeppelin songs. Apart from one, all of them dug what they really heard.

Busy Schedule Of John Paul Jones

The busy schedule of John Paul Jones – another reason for the band not able to reunite.

Jones is the busiest among all members and right not he will be practicing a folk song in anticipation to his reunion with “Snoweye”. Jones with his fork trio Snoweye has an upcoming concert in a Norwegian festival and according to the creators of the festival, the song of Jones is a beautiful landscape.

Jason Is A Star In His Own

The role of his father was well presented by Jason Bonham in the concert at the O2 arena in London. Jason has performed in many theaters in the US with his show “Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening”. After that band members stopped him from using that name. Apart from that show, he joined Black Country Communion as a drummer and joined new band members Glenn Hughes (singer), Joe Bonamassa (guitarist), and Derek Sherinian (keyboardist). According to Classic Rock, the band has joined the stage again after a pause of 5 years.

Solo Record Of Jimmy Page

After the death of John Bonham, Jimmy get too busy with his solo album

Back in 1988, Page released his solo album “Outrider” and since then he is talking about the follow-up album. However, he has made collaboration since the departure of John Bonham – one with David Coverdale in 1933 and other with Robert Plant in 1998. While giving an interview to Rolling Stone in 2015, he said that he has a plan to follow, and he will not give people ideas. He further said that people will get to know when he will be ready.

Robert Plant – A Major Setback

According to many people, Robert Plant is the major hurdle in Le Zeppelin reunion. Robert is blamed for being too busy in the present and it will not be wrong to say that he has produced the best music of his life after 2007.

Momentum Lost

After the O2 arena show, had Plant not focus on his collaborations and made a reunion with the Le Zeppelin members, they were favorites to win the audience again and rock the stadium of 50,000. But he denied the idea and every member of the band returned as multi-millionaire musicians.

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