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Amazing Items on McDonald’s International Menu That You Must Try

When it comes to fast food chains, there is always one name that will come up, and that is the most successful one in the entire world, McDonald’s. Starting as a small regular hamburger stand in California with its first franchise in Illinois , who would have thought that it would become one of the most popular fast food chains of all time. With over 69 million customers coming in all over its outlets in more than 100 countries,

McDonald’s International Menu

There may be thousands of McDonald’s franchise branches all over the world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it every single one of them actually has every single item from the original menu. Some international McDonald’s branches actually have some items that can only be found on their specific area or country.

This is basically what makes it so special because every country adds their little flare on the menu despite having some of the original items. This then encourages people from all over the world to try some of the international items that are not in their local McDonald’s branch.

The original items that can be found in McDonald’s are their signature Big Mac along with other burgers, McNuggets, fries, and milkshakes. Most of these are usually found in every McDonald’s outlets worldwide, but there are other items that you would definitely want to try, just like some of the following.

Chili Donut – Austria

When people talk about McDonald’s desserts, the very first thing that would pop on to their minds are the signature McFlurries, milkshakes and of course the Apple pocket pie. However, that is in the United States, because McDonald’s in Europe seem to have fancier choices. Just like McDonald’s in Austria, wherein they actually offer a Chili Donut, it’s basically self-explanatory but people who have tried them said that they are very tasty and looks as if it comes from a gourmet McDonald’s.

Ginger Burger – Japan

The Japanese McDonald’s have always been known for having the most unusual items on their menu. They even had a burger that instead of a bread bun, they used rice making it seem like a maki instead of a burger.

However, today they have a new burger which is best for ginger lovers, and that is the Ginger Burger. This exclusive Japanese burger contains some soy sauce on a ginger paste as well as a pork patty, which is, of course, a major twist since usually a burger has a beef patty.

McSpaghetti – Philippines

Another unusual item on the menu is the Philippines’ McSpaghetti, this item is usually a spaghetti that is paired with a piece of McDonald’s signature chicken. It has the country’s version of spaghetti that contains ketchup and tomato sauce making it a little sweeter than usual.

McVegetarian – India

McDonald’s may offer tons of choices when it comes to burgers and chicken dishes, but Indian McDonald’s have their own menu of vegetarian choices. They have a couple of vegetarian items that are on their burger menu, but they have a particular
Pizza flavored item that has been catching everyone’s attention. That is the Vegetarian Pizza McPuff, which basically consists of beans, bell pepper, carrots, onions, peas, and lots of mozzarella cheese.

Taro Pie – China

We all know about McDonald’s signature apple pies, but in China, they actually offer a different kind of pie, and that is the taro pie. Now, this is indeed something most westerners don’t really know about. Taro is actually some sort of sweet potatoes that are usually purplish in color coming from the taro root. Just like the apple pie, it is also inside a crispy shell, but this one can only be found in China.

McDonald’s restaurant on the ground floor of the McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago

McDonald’s Headquarters in Chicago

Chicago has always been the home of the McDonald’s headquarters, recently, they moved to the city and they actually opened a restaurant on its ground floor. It is not your ordinary McDonald’s though, because this is the only place in the United States wherein you could get almost every item from the McDonald’s international menu.

The menu is interchangeable and the very first one that they have done was a menu from France. According to their chief spokesperson, Robert Gibbs, this move is actually to modernize the brand and for the people to experience the greatness of McDonald’s from all over the world.

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