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Best Movies On Netflix Right Now That Are Set in the ’90s

In the 90’s, the best thing kids could get were the rental Netflix movies with the promise to their parents that they would watch all of those before the late fee deadline. But nowadays, Netflix is ensuring that the VHS to DVD to streaming transmission do not lose the flair of 90’s. Netflix has achieved this by merging the decades into the original movie’s roster.

If you are looking for a nostalgia or grew up in the 90’s, Netflix has a lot to offer for you. Those Netflix movies which seem modern in 2010’s have plenty of roots in the past decade. Below is the list of best 90’s kid’s movies currently available on Netflix.

‘Set It Up’

“Set It Up” is a romantic comedy about two colleagues setting up their bosses.

‘Set It Up’ is the latest romantic comedy movie available for the 90’s kids. The movie has a lot to offer from the Big Apple setting to Harper’s journalist to funny sidekick. The movie brings the old siblings back to the 90’s.

‘Roxanne, Roxanne’

Directed by Michael J. Larnell, Roxanne Shante was released on Netflix on March 23.

The story of the movie revolves around Roxanne Shanté, a rapper, and an emcee. When she was 14, Roxanne was on the end of becoming a hip-hop star. But that path wasn’t too straight as she had to fight and defend against the danger of streets.

‘Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond’

This documentary is about actor Jim Carrey’s popular movie character, Andy Kaufman.

Everyone knows that how good was Jim Carrey in comedy as he was considered as the king of the comedy in the 90’s. This Netflix doc gives fans a brief overview of the behind-the-scenes work of Carrey and how he indulged himself in the character. The documentary also describes how Andy fit himself in the character of Andy Kaufman when he was doing “Man on the Moon” back in 1999.

‘The Babysitter’

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, babysitter-centered movies hit the big screen and movies like “The Babysitter”, “The Babysitter’s Club”, and “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dad” took the Hollywood by storm.


Benji series was aired on Netflix back in March 2018.

In the late 70’s and early 80’s, the Benji franchise came out and the series of this franchise is one of the iconic series of all times which 90’s kids remember a lot. One thing that makes this series so interesting and intriguing in the timeless nature of storytelling.

‘Sandy Wexler’

Sandy Wexler first made its appearance on Netflix in April.

Adam Sandler plays a talent manager called Sandy Wexler, who is based on a real person.

The movies such as “Happy Gilmore” and “The Wedding Singer” was a certain reason for the dominance of Adam Sandler in the 90’s but his character in the Netflix series “Sandy Wexler” gave him a brand new identity.


There were a lot of iconic teen films in the 90’s like “Never Been Kissed”, and “Clueless”, but one movie reinvented the genre in that decade and that movie was “#realityhigh”. The Netflix movie tells the story of a teen wondering in a digital world.


The decade of 90’s witnessed another superstar in the making as Will Smith appeared in many of the 90’s movies and also launched franchises like Men In Black and the Independence Day. “Bright” was a classic 90’s Netflix movie in which Will Smith saves the day.

‘Everything Sucks!’

Many fans don’t take this as a Netflix movie and they are right too technically. The movie was released in 1996 and is a tribute for the fans of 90’s.

There are many other Netflix movies which hit the big screen in 90’s but it is not possible to cover all of those. Above mentioned are those which feature a famous cast or hit the box office big time. So take a look back at these 90’s Netflix movies and reinvent your teenage memories. These flicks are rare for the 90’s fans, so explore these and more Netflix movies and reignite childhood feelings.

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