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Saying Goodbye to ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ After 27 Seasons

There have been so many controversial shows on television in the past couple of decades, but there hasn’t been anything like The Jerry Springer Show, there may have been something similar but this show was on television for more than 25 years.

This is something that not a lot of talk shows has managed to do for the past couple of years. This talk show, based on the title, was actually hosted by the former mayor of Cincinnati, Jerry Springer. It started in 1991 and at first, it was just an issue-oriented political show. Over the years, it had become a tabloid talk show.

The show has been known for tackling lots of issues with families and friends, that then often leads to trash talking as well as some fist fights and brawls. Some may think that its adult theme wouldn’t let it last long in the industry, but it was actually because of it that it lasted this long. This is of course why there has always been some security in the show since even the studio audience sometimes gets involved.

It was even reported back in 1998 by the National Association of Broadcasters, that the show wasn’t exactly something that must be in television since it simply doesn’t have a purpose and may bring a somewhat bad influence to some people, especially the children despite the warnings.

This was all according to the Department of Education at that time, as well as some senators. They even threatened the show that they would have to be canceled or they would need to change their themes. Obviously, none of this happened since up to this year, it was still on with 27 seasons and almost 4,000 episodes. However, it would seem as if time has come that an era must stand goodbye.

Jerry Springer has been the host of this show for more than two decades

The Jerry Springer Show Has Been Cancelled

NBC Universal has officially announced that they have canceled one of the most controversial and one of the longest running talk shows in television history. There wasn’t exactly any formal announcement regarding its cancellation, some of the producers just told the press that it was time and for the meantime, reruns will be the ones on air.

Before the news of the cancellation was even made public, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Springer has already said that they have actually stopped production. He explained that they have actually made a deal with the CW, that their shows will be on air about twice a day and that most of what the people will see are the ones they have done in the past.

The former politician even admitted that over the years, there have been a lot offers to do other television projects, however, he thinks that it was just difficult for him to maintain the schedule since he had been literally doing this for more than 20 years.

Springer hasn’t exactly commented on the cancellation, but he admitted that whenever he needed to change something that he has done for decades, then it is obviously a really sad thing. Obviously, the former politician turned host felt incredibly down over the said cancellation.

Secret To The Success Of The Show

Last year, the 74-year-old host even shared some of the secrets as to how exactly managed to run the show for this long, Springer simply said that the first few times he’s done it, he thought it was actually pretty stupid.

The first two season of the show was actually focused on tackling serious issues, but as time went on and more seasons go by, some guests started to fight one another and things get out of hands. Turns out that this has actually sent their ratings up to the top.

The former mayor turned host revealed that the show actually has a niche and that it is a kind of niche that most talk shows wouldn’t want to go to since it is somewhat different. However, being different definitely made them stand out and it has managed to give them chance to grow from it and basically embrace it so the public will too, and they did.

He mentioned how the show was for the different stories of the guests and nobody was watching because of him. He even referred to him as totally outrageous since most of the stories are literally crazy. It’s real-life drama that people simply want to see.

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