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Things About Michael Jackson Only True Fans Know

Most Awarded Artist

There are many people who don’t that Michael Jackson is the most awarded artist of all time. No other more musician either alive or deceased haven’t won more awards than him. His awards cabinet includes 26 American Music Awards, 23 Guinness World Records, 13 Grammys, and 40 Billboard Awards.

Frist Video By A Balck Artist

“Billie Jeans” – first music video produced by a black artist.

Michael Jackson was the first black artist to make a music video. He released “Billie Jean” on MTV. The song was the 2nd single from Jackson belongs to “Thriller” album.

Highest-Earning Deceased Artist

According to the Guinness book of world record, the pop star lies in the category of highest-earning deceased artist. When he died in 2009, his total assets had a value of  $1 billion.

A Voice Of Minnie Mouse

According to Jackson, he sounded like a Minnie Mouse.

When asked about his own voice, Michael Jackson said that when he listens to his songs his voice sounds like a Minnie Mouse.


The pop star also had some godchildren including Michael – son of singer Barry Gibb and Nicole – daughter of Lionel Ritchie.

First Performance

Michael Jackson was only 5 years old when he performed his first song in public and the song was “Climb Every Mountain”.

Record-Breaking Album

No other album sold as much as Michael Jackson’s Thriller. According to a survey, 42.4 million copies of the album have sold.

Billboard Record

On the chart of Billboard Top 200, “Thriller” spent more than 20 weeks at the top ranking.

Costume Of Thriller

Costume of “Thriller” came from Salvation Army.

“Thriller” video which got a lot of fame also has a special costume. The costume in the video came from the Salvation Army.

Thriller Video Didn’t Make The Cut

According to some reports, video of “Thriller” almost didn’t make the cut. Michael wanted to destroy the video of “Thriller” when heard about the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ claim that he was making a video of a werewolf. But when the disclaimer was added to the video, he agreed to carry on.

Ola Ray’s Association

Ola Ray who was famous for being the unknown girlfriend of Michael Jackson in “Thriller” was a playboy playmate. She also said that while shooting for the video she and Micheal had a fling.

More About “Thriller”

Including his solo work and LPs, “Thriller” was the 19th studio album of Michael Jackson. The Lego Version of Thriller music video is also available.

Favorite Food

Mexican was the favorite food of Michael. He always had a burrito and taco on his plate.

Complete Name

“Joseph” was his middle name and his complete name was Michael Joseph Jackson.

Other Famous Albums

Other than “Thriller”, there were two other music albums of Michael which set best selling records and those albums are “Dangerous” and “Bad”.

Neverland Ranch Of Michael

Having a theme park in it, the Neverland Ranch property of the singer was covering an area of 2,700 acres. There was a movie theater in it as well. A decade ago, the value of the property was $100 million.

Love For Children

As he lost his career in singing, he always had a soft corner for the children. Michael Jackson used to wear a black armband to show sympathy with children suffering around the world.

Grammy Record

Back in 1984, the rockstar won 8 Grammy awards and that was the highest number of awards won by an artist in a single year.

Father Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, used to scare him with a monster mask when he was a child.

Favorite Character

“Pinocchio” – favorite childhood character of Michael Jackson

When he was a child, Pinocchio was his favorite animated character.

Friendship With Macaulay Caulkin

Michael was a friend with actor Macaulay Caulkin. He also appeared with him in the video of “Black Or White”.

Lavish Taste

He had a taste according to his personality. Back in 1999, David O. Selznick won Oscar for best picture and Michael purchased that picture for $1.5 million.

Fine Of $1 Million

Michael was fined $1 million by a library for overdue books.

Pet Lover

The pop star had a great taste for pets and had a couple of pets – Crusher, Lola, Louis and his most favorite the chimpanzee.

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