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Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic Dress Sold For $4.8 Million

Celebrities come and go, some of them come into the limelight but then the career in the industry doesn’t last forever so not everyone actually makes it so far that they would be an icon even if they are no longer in this world.

There are tons of celebrities out there especially in Hollywood alone, however, not all of them are iconic, there are only some who have managed to put out a name out there and it will be something that people would remember and for the future generations to know.

Iconic celebrities such as Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, and Audrey Hepburn are just some, but one of the most iconic one of all is actress Marilyn Monroe. There isn’t anyone in the industry who does not know who she is. She has only been in the industry for a decade but she has managed to make a name for herself.

One of the reasons for it was because of the iconic blonde bombshell persona that truly became a trademark for her. She was known for her sensual appeal to the people not just in her films but her musical performances as well. Half a century later, everyone who loves movies still knows who she was despite her death in 1962.

The Iconic “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” Dress

One of the most iconic moments she has done was when she sang a happy birthday song to then-President John F. Kennedy. It was such a breathy song which was natural for Monroe but to sing to a president like that would definitely lead to a couple of rumors and speculations.

It was actually at a fundraiser event that was organized by the Democratic Party in celebration of Kennedy’s 45th birthday. If it happened today, it would totally go on the top of the trending list and would be talked about for days.

Christie’s auction for the dress in 1999

It was in Madison Square Garden and no one actually knows who requested for Monroe’s presence but she sure made it memorable because of the sheer and sparkling dress that she was wearing.

It was a Jean Louis dress, which became one of the most expensive and most popular dresses in the world, even up to this date. Since it is Monroe we’re talking about here, it is no wonder that the dress would be nude colored and really tight that it showed off all her curves.

In 2016, the dress was actually sold in an auction, that also featured some of Monroe’s most-prized belongings. The dress was then sold for $4.8 million. Back in 1962, the dress was specifically made for Monroe and it only cost her $12,000. It was sold in an auction in 1999, but it was only for $1.26 million.

The Jean Louis dress was actually covered in 2,500 rhinestones and it was perfectly fit for Monroe that no one could wear it as great as she could at that time. It was actually so fitting that it has to be sewn the moment she had to wear it.

Marilyn Monroe at Madison Square Garden serenading JFK in 1962

The iconic actress was of course known for wearing other stylish outfits, but this sheer dress definitely made an impact since she wore it with nothing underneath. She sang her own rendition of the birthday song with her own sultry lyrics. There have been many renditions of Monroe’s birthday song for Kennedy.

It was spoofed by Madonna on Saturday Night Live, for Bill Clinton’s inauguration. It was also reenacted by Lana Del Rey while doing her music video for her own song, National Anthem.

Monroe and Kennedy Affair

Even before this particular event, rumors that Monroe had been having an affair with Kennedy has always been there. This sultry birthday song that she sang to him at that time just became the cherry on the top of the expensive cake of the year.

It was never proven that the two had an affair, but that year truly became such a historical event for Monroe since one of her final public appearances was that particular performance. She was unfortunately found dead in her bed just a few months after the iconic performance. More than a year later, Kennedy was then assassinated so there was no proof that the two became involved with one another.

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