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This Photographer Has The Best Way Of Recreating Throwback Photos

We capture precious moments of our lives every day in the form of still photos and moving videos thanks to the invention of the camera. The world has changed ever since the first photo was developed – and so has the technology behind camera devices. A simple click on your cellphone can freeze a moment and preserve it forever so that you can look back at the memories and relive them all over again.

Cameras are considered to be one of the best creations ever because they can capture literally anything and they turn into photographs which are definitely something that everyone can keep for as long as they can. Some of the oldest photographs in the world serve as a time capsule that can give us a peek into the past and teach us lessons of history like no other book can. These photos can still be viewed in museums or on the internet, giving all future generations a chance to relive some of the most important moments in the world history.

Photos are also the reason why throwback moments were created, which is when people post images captured some time in the past, trying to recall the exact moment and relive the memories. However, there is one particular photographer who is trying to do some throwback photography moments in the coolest way possible. Peter Perry has been visiting historic places and using old photographs taking in the same place to recreate history. Just a quick look at his Instagram account will show you some of the impressive throwback moments he has created using black-and-white photos.

An Incredible Throwback Project

Peter has discovered a genius way to recreate historic moments by snapping a photo of a place and then comparing it to an old image taken in the same area. What a perfect way to bring history back to life, don’t you think? Most people who do throwback photography try to recreate the scene in the old photos. However, photographer Peter Perry used old images as missing pieces of a puzzle, fitting them perfectly into a setting where they were they were captured.

Take this photo of Martin Luther King taken in 1965, for example. It was here where he addressed the House of Chamber more than 50 years ago, and Peter Perry’s recreation of the moment gives a much bigger picture – both, literally and figuratively – of the moment and gives a deeper meaning to the historic place.

In an interview, Perry said that juxtaposing two images has always been something that he enjoyed, especially when traveling. It shows a particular goal that he wants to achieve by making every moment in history extra special. It is actually like reprinting history by traveling to places where the photos were taken and comparing them to the present time.

When asked where he gets the inspiration for juxtaposing, he simply said that he was deeply moved by Rich McCor’s work and has also seen the trend on other Instagram pages but most of them involved Photoshop, unlike Perry’s photos  which are raw and unedited. The photographer said he can’t take full credit for the idea even if he is the one who has made the trend go viral.

Places in Pictures

Perry explained how he actually decided which historical place he would like to go to and take a photo. However, he said he preferably want to use some photos from the 20th century especially during the First and the Second World War.

Perry also said that he usually considers the timing, like if a certain event will have an anniversary, then he would try and take a photo of it to include on his project. Just like the events that happened 100 years ago and things like that. He admitted that his favorite part on all of it is by re-telling the story in the photo in such a creative manner using the present.

When asked what was the best one he had ever taken, the photographer said that it was one with a photo of Martin Luther King Jr. giving a speech while he was at the Massachusetts State House. It was a remarkable event and he was glad to relate it to the present. Perry also mentioned that he is, of course, planning on continuing this project especially when he found out that he is doing something that a lot of people actually like and so he finds it incredibly rewarding.

The feedback he has been getting from people all over the world makes everything worth it and he wants to do more. It is also a great way to actually commemorate the past and be grateful to actually see them right now in the present. Soon in the future, his photos will also be a part of the past, and it could be something that would inspire people even more.

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