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Top ’80s Classic Video Games You Totally Miss

One of the best ways to entertain yourself is playing video games since advanced technology took over the world. These addictive games have definitely evolved in the greatest ways possible. Today, there are tons of ways to play video games, such as being in a computer, on a tablet, and on a phone. It can literally be played anywhere at any time.

We all know that video games are definitely not just for kids, but for adults as well. However, there are video games back in the day that is considered as classics. Today’s adults know exactly how to play them since they were literally the best at that time, and they still are in their own unique and fun ways.

Gone are the pixelated effects and say hello to high-quality special animation. There may be video games now that youngsters get addicted to such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Halo, and more, but these games are way different than the classic and simple video games they had back in the day.

Some of the classic video games back then may have had their own comebacks recently but they weren’t just the same. To give you an amazing throwback moment, here are some of the best video games back in the 80s, that adults nowadays would surely miss.

Super Mario Bros

This video game has got to be the father of all the video games out there, if you are an adult now and haven’t experienced playing Super Mario Bros. even once in your life, then you haven’t lived.

It is one of the most popular and one of the most played video games in the world especially in the 80s up to the beginning of the new millennium. It was created by Nintendo and basically, it is about Mario, along with his brother Luigi, trying to save Princess Peach.

The game has tons of different levels and even have passageways where you can get more points. The world-renowned video game was actually released in 1985, and the most recent update of the game was just released last year. It had sold over 300 million video game copies worldwide making it the best-selling video game of all time.

Duck Hunt

For everyone who had an NES Zapper or an electric light gun, that goes along with the Nintendo system back in the day, then they have surely played the game called Duck Hunt. The game was just as old as the Super Mario, but since it involved literally shooting ducks with the help of a zapper gun, made it stand out.

Back in the day, Nintendo games were compiled in a cartridge and the Duck Hunt was actually compiled with the Super Mario game, which is why most of the people who have played Mario, most likely played the Duck Hunt as well.

Legend of Zelda

Action-packed fantasy games are totally in right now, especially with the amazing animation technology we have. However, before there were Dota or any other game that involves combat and adventure stuff, there was actually the Legend of Zelda.

Released in 1986, this particular game doesn’t just give the player so many adventurous quests, but also tons of mind-boggling puzzles to solve. Kids back in the 90s totally loved this game and it even had an American animated series adaption

The film adaptation of Legend of Zelda

Because of the success of this particular video game, it is dubbed by critics as one of the greatest video games of all time as well as the most successful video gram franchise Nintendo has ever released.


Last but finally not the least is one of the most famous puzzle video games of all time, Tetris. Created in 1984, who would have thought that this game that was actually designed in Russia, would make it so big. This is because it was released just around the time adventure-packed games like Super Mario and Legend of Zelda was released. Turns out that this game is for those who are not exactly a big fan of adventures but are just focused on piling up tiles.

This video game has been available on nearly every single console possible, and it is still available on many of its forms today. So many versions of it have been released over the years, but it was officially announced in 2010 that it has been the best-selling paid-downloaded game in history, after selling over 170 million copies.

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