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Best Superhero Games of All Times – Which One is Your Favorite?

You don’t need a cape to become a superhero, all you need is a gaming controller. Humans have always been fond of fictional characters which have slowly made their way from the original comic books and fairy tales to big screen and even consoles and other handheld gaming devices in living rooms.

The superhero industry is massive. The budget allotted to movie adaptations of superhero comics is far from diminutive whether it is for the promotion or the merchandise. Apart from the movies, video game companies have also been smart in releasing titles that star these heroes, be it faithful to the source material or not.

The point is, superheroes have become more than just good guys in the entertainment business – they have found themselves at the heart of the gaming realm as well. This can be attributed to the throngs of fans these fictional characters rake in.

Kids and adults alike love Superman, Spider-Man, and Wonder Woman among many others, proven by the numerous blockbuster hits and millions of copies of games sold, so there’s no doubt as to why big companies risk their money for this.

Since superheroes are so widely loved, there have already been numerous games based on films or comics. Here are some of the best superhero classics of the gaming industry:


We’ve played some pretty cool playstation iterations of Spiderman, with the latest from Sony. However, probably one of the most classic games inspired by Spider-Man was the 2000 version of Neversoft, which highlighted his capability to traverse and swing from different buildings.

The graphics may be a bit off as compared to the current standards but back then, it was considered a pretty decent game. The iteration also featured other characters including Daredevil, Rhino, Venom, and Dr. Octopus.

Neversoft’s Spider-Man showcased his extraordinary skills of flying from one building to another

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Not all games get the same treatment. Each has to provide something unique about it, which can easily entice players. As the name suggests, everything in Lego Marvel Super Heroes is made from animated Legos, the pesky little blocks usually found in playhouses. Traveller’s Tales did a great job reimagining New York and the rest of the gang. The icing on the cake was the characters’ genuinely funny lines.

Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Astro Boy: Omega Factor became popular in Japan but was heralded fresh in the United States even with its simple gameplay

This adventure thriller on the handheld GameBoy Advance was first released in 2003 by developer Treasure. Astro Boy is unquestionably one of the most famous games on the Japanese market, where it was first originated.

It dawned as a fresh take on a simple gameplay after its introduction to the United States. The premise involves Osamu Tezuka, with mighty punches and special attacks, who must face hordes of enemies coming at him.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Released in 2006 by Raven Software, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance offers a lot of Marvel superhero characters to choose from. After which, you need to create a team of four and then defeat a multitude of villains in the fictional world of Marvel Universe.

If you’re a fan of Marvel superheroes, this is the ultimate game to play back when it was released more than a decade ago. There were multiple alternative endings, trivia about the characters, as well as other missions for some of the characters to explore.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

The release of Batman: Arkham Asylum became the standard for superhero games

London developer Rocksteady brought a whole lot of difference to the superhero game arena with the help of Paul Dini, who wrote several superhero scripts including Batman. The released of the game rocked the industry in a good way after the market was able to assume the role of the dark knight. The game revolved around Batman and the Asylum, a trap that Joker had created.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

From this title, it’s obvious that it starred Wolverine, a mutant member of the X-Men who has the sharpest claws that could rip anyone to shreds and who also has awesome self-healing capacity.

For fans who are into blood and gore, this game is for them as the game certainly wasn’t afraid to show the messy stuff. With his adamantium claws, killing enemies meant graphic scenes, something that wasn’t generously shown in the films. That said, other details were done on point.

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