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Taylor Swift Wrote This Song for Her Mom Who Didn’t Immediately Realize It Was Her Daughter’s Voice

When kids grow up, they usually become shy of expressing their love for their parents, particularly their mothers who sacrificed a lot for them. That’s not the case for Taylor Swift, who has continuously talked about her mom in her songs.

If you have followed every move of the singer from her country song days to her rise as a pop star, then you would know that she has a profound love for her mom, Andrea, so it was just natural for her as a songwriter to give honor to the matriarch through tracks. From her album Fearless, The Best Day is a walk down the memory lane of Taylor and is meant to be a message of gratitude.

The song as well as its music video is a tribute to her mother – when she was making her second album, the 30-year-old suddenly thought of highlighting Andrea’s sacrifices for her and what better way to do that than to write a song detailing exactly how she feels. The music video showed home clips from when the artist was young.

USAToday — Taylor has written a couple of songs about her mother

After pondering on the many things her mother had done for her, she knew she had to surprise her mom. So the Grammy winner recorded the song secretly when Andrea didn’t visit the studio and put together old clips to make it more special.

Taylor gave it to her mom for Christmas and after hearing the song for the first time, Andrea was puzzled and wondered who was singing such a heartfelt piece. When the Bad Blood singer told her that it was her, the matriarch began to cry.

Netflix — Taylor has often been seen with her mom

Apart from The Best Day, Tay-Tay has also penned Soon You’ll Get Better, which is included in Lover, her latest album. Andrea was recently found to have a brain tumor while she is battling breast cancer for the second time.

The Blank Space singer shared that her mother was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer when doctors detected a brain tumor. As such, it had been really hard for their family to cope with new symptoms, she added.

Andrea’s first fight with breast cancer was in 2015 but it came back last year when the celebrity was filming her Netflix documentary, Taylor Swift: Miss Americana. The singer called her mom the guiding force whom she confides to before making a big decision.

Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock — Taylor has been vocal about her mom’s battle

In the past, Taylor said her mom’s bout with the illness was the major reason she had not gone on a world tour for her album.

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