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From John Lennon to Paul McCartney: Shocking Conspiracy Theories of the Music Industry

If there is one thing crazier on the internet than a viral video of a talking dog, it’s the spooky conspiracy theories that abound forums. Fueled by internet trolls’ wild imagination and possible boredom, conspiracy theories are flames that could never die — like the presumptions about musicians who are not dead, could be dead, or are just flat out lying about their affiliations.

The Beatles Conspiracy Theories

The Beatles may be successful but that didn’t stop fan-made conspiracy theories surrounding the members of the legendary band from spreading

The Beatles, probably the most iconic musical group in the world, were notable for their countless popular songs including “Hey Jude,” “Let It Be,” and “Come Together.” Their chart-topping hits and cultural influence stayed until the present time, though that did not spare them from conspiracy theories.

1. Paul McCartney died and was replaced by an impostor

Paul McCartney, one of the two surviving members of The Beatles, had a car accident during the late ’60s. This injured him, but according to conspiracy theories, this accident actually led to his supposed death. The singer we see now is merely an impostor – or so they claim.

An alleged proof for this theory is in the song “Revolution 9” played backward, where one could hear “Turn me on, dead man.” McCartney himself addressed this urban legend and even titled his 1993 live album “Paul is Live.”

2. John Lennon was killed by the government

From an impostor Beatle to planned assassination of another band member, crazy conspiracy theorists will go to any length to stir up a debate. According to one claim, John Lennon was apparently killed by Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.

He was a known anti-war supporter during the Vietnam War and also talked about the tragedy openly in the ’70s, producing songs that could have triggered the US government to silence him, at least as per the theorists’ accounts. These strongly led doubters into believing that the CIA indeed, and not Mark David Chapman, who shot the singer.

According to reports, Chapman planned Lennon’s assassination for months. The murder suspect targeted the then-Beatles frontman for his “communist” songs and his statements against Jesus Christ.

The King is still alive

Elvis Presley, despite being pronounced dead a long time ago, is allegedly well and alive, theorists claimed

With his eternal influence in the rock ‘n’ roll music and even the cinematic firmament, fans of Elvis “The King” Presley were left shocked and utterly heartbroken by his sudden passing on Aug. 16, 1977. Some couldn’t come to terms with his death and said he is alive and in hiding. Skeptics of his death even formed The Elvis Sighting Society that monitors the sightings of the elusive singer.

He died of heart attack but even to his death, the King proved that he is one of the most iconic artists of the century with over 80,000 people present on his processional route in 1977.

Tupac is also alive and breathing

One of the most remarkable names in American hip-hop, Tupac or 2Pac, was regarded as the pioneer in highlighting social issues through rap music, a pertinent contribution in a time when gangster rap music was prevalent.

Tupac, or Tupac Amaru Shakur became a target of a gang shooting and he died six days after sustaining the fatal bullet injuries which led to internal bleeding. The rapper’s killer was never caught but conspiracy theorists believe that Shakur actually faked his own death and fled the country after the incident.

Skeptics even share photos of people that resemble the deceased rapper, supporting their theory that he is alive and just hiding. To add fuel to the fire, CIA’s tweeted that they didn’t know where Tupac was.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are part of Illuminati

Power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce are allegedly successful because they are members of Illuminati

One of the music industry’s power couples, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, are celebrated for their powerful influence and their contribution especially in the world of pop and hip-hop. Queen Bey and Jay-Z pretty much have the music industry in the palm of their hands but many started noticing their hand symbols during their performances. They always flip the Roc-A-Fella sign—forming a triangle with their two hands which also resembles the symbol for the age-old international society, Illuminati.

Conspiracy theorists then deduced that the duo may be a part of this secret organization that was allegedly the “real” group who runs the world. In reality, the sign was supposed to be a diamond, a symbol of a goal of every artist in the industry, which is to have a diamond album.

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