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The Parent Trap’s Main Cast 20 Years Later

Media gives people a chance to take a look back in time and see it once again, since it is something that cannot be done in real life. There is no such as fast forward or rewind when it comes to life, the only way to do it is through photos and videos. This is the reason why most people grab the chance to capture each moment, so that the could have the chance to look back and see what that moment was like, since the human brain can’t really store everything.

The Parent Trap was released 20 years ago

This is also something that movies can do, no matter how old a movie can be, you can always rewatch it over and over again. Some people even use films when it comes to looking back decades ago and see what it was like back then compared to what it is like now. Some studios even base their remakes from the original films that was released years ago. However, whenever people would watch some films from back in the day, they would usually wonder where the actors from a specific film are now.

This year is the 20th-year celebration of a romantic comedy film called the Parent Trap, which is actually based on a German novel entitled Lottie and Lisa. Over the last decade, people then have been wondering what the cast have actually been up too all these years. The film was released in 1998 and earned $92 million against its $15 million budget by Walt Disney Pictures. After 20 years, this is what the cats have been up to these days.

Lindsay Lohan as Annie James and Hallie Parker

This film has got to be one of Lohan’s most iconic films in the industry. That is because at such a young age, she has managed to portray not just one, but two characters. It was one of her breakthrough movies and since then, she has managed to be one of the teenage stars in Hollywood. Her childhood stardom let her have more successful films such as Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, Herbie: Fully Loaded and more.

Logan has managed to get into the fashion industry as well, she also got into singing and actually released a coupe of songs of her own. However, just like almost every child star, she has become extremely controversial when she had some legal troubles that led to her to entering a rehabilitation center quite a few times.

Then again, that was all part of the past. The former child star has stepped away from the limelight to actually focus on her career in the business world. In 2016, she officially opened her very first nightclub chain in Greece. Just earlier this year, she has opened another one in the Greek Island of Mykonos. People magazine reported that Lohan will be doing a relative series about her business career.

Dennis Quaid as Nick Parker

Dennis Quaid was in his mid-forties when he played the role of Hallie and Annie’s dad in the film, who owned a vineyard in Napa, California. He has managed to continue making films over the years after the Parent Trap.

He did a couple of films such as The Day After Tomorrow, G.I. Joe: Rise of the King Cobra, A Dog’s Purpose, and recently in I Can Only Imagine. Earlier this year he was chosen to play as President Ronald Reagan in a biopic of the same name, that is said to be released in the summer next year.

Natasha Richardson as Elizabeth James

Who would forget the beautiful actress Natasha Richardson, who actually portrayed the famous designer mom of Annie and Hallie? Richardson was actually known for being a part of the Redgrave family, who are known to be a family of actors both on stage and film. She actually won a Tony award for her performance in the Cabaret.

One of the few films that she has managed to do over the years after Parent Trap are Maid in Manhattan, Asylum, and more. The very last film that she got to do was a romantic comedy film as well in 2008 with Emma Roberts entitled Wild Child.

Just a couple of months after that, she died due to severe head injury while taking skiing lessons in Canada and she was said to have suffered from epidural hematoma. Unbeknownst to most people, she was Liam Neeson’s wife.

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