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Did You Know That Shrek is 20 Years Old? – How Time Flies!

It’s 2001 and the telly plays trailer after trailer of a new Disney animated movie. Now this movie isn’t anything like Disney’s trademark works – it stars a grumpy green ogre, a talking donkey, a villainous ruler, and some elements of a fairytale scattered around. To many, Shrek was the last movie to warrant a trip to the cinema. Heck, even the production house didn’t have it anywhere on top of its priority list. Alas, here we are 20 years later, still obsessing over the movie.

Walt Disney Productions | The most unforgettable swamp you’d ever see

Ogres Are Like Onions

Whether you like the movie or not, Shrek is quite literally a cross-generational sensation. The movie follows the life of a grumpy green ogre who finds a bunch of fairy-tale creatures infesting the swamp on the orders of none other than our villain, Lord Farquaad. His mission would then lead the movie to not only become a box-office smasher but also a megahit on cable, DVD, and now even streaming platforms!

One can’t help but notice how the entire movie is just one feature-length Disney diss track. Complete with our crabby ogre sporting an inexplicable Scottish accent and copious fart jokes, no one would’ve thought Shrek would be granted placement in the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry and even win Academy Awards!

Not only was it the first-ever animated movie to score an Oscar, but it was also translated into a stage musical. The movie also significantly lengthened Smash Mouth’s relevance and shelf life, with hits like “I’m a Believer” and “All-Star” still sitting regarded as total jams to date.

Walt Disney Productions | An opening sequence to remember for decades

A Total Must-Watch

Honestly, though, the chances of you having not watched Shrek are very slim. But, on the off chance that you haven’t, what are you waiting for? With a farting ogre voiced by Mike Myers, a butt-kicking (ogre) princess voiced by Cameron Diaz, an annoying talking donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy, and a short-statured treacherous villain voiced by John Lithgow, what more could you ask of from an animated movie? Plus, their fairytale-like elements: the quest, the princess, forbidden love, the fire-breathing dragon, will all tie it back into the Disney playfield. Take it from us, you won’t regret it.

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Wrapping It Up

In many ways, Shrek traversed paths that many affluent animation franchises would never dare to try. Perhaps it’s the betwixt quality that grants the franchise its popularity. Too naughty and gross but not enough to be completely repulsed. A perfect balance between fairytale and relatability.

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