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Why 90’s Kids were OBSESSED with Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Figures

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers started out as an extremely popular TV show during the 90’s. Bandai America was the company that started selling action figures based on the show’s heroes. The action figures became a huge success and were sold like hotcakes globally. The revenue from the toys climbed to over 6 Billion$ worldwide. Everyone loved the power rangers; thus they were always and will always be the perfect gift for a 90’s kid.

Blast From the Past

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show graced the television screens back in 1993, changing lives of children around the world. But more than the tv show, I remember playing with the iconic Power Ranger toys, which were arguably the coolest action figures around in the 90’s.

Even if you don’t know much about Power Rangers, or didn’t get to play with them in your childhood, these characters might still interest you. I mean, just look at them!

Fitted into multi-colored spandex and futuristic helmets, these action figures could pass off as a tackier version of the ninjas. But they’re not ninjas, they’re the iconic Power Rangers!

For those who haven’t seen the 90’s show that inspired these action figures, here’s a little bit of a backstory: The show’s plot basically revolves around an evil witch named Rita Repulsa who was imprisoned for almost 10,000 years by wizard protagonist, Zordon, but she managed to finally escape with the motive to take over Earth.


To fight the evil witch, Zordon decides to erect an army of five superheroes with crazy martial arts skills, cool robots and futuristic weapons – and called them: Power Rangers. The superheroes would band together in every episode to prevent Rita from destroying the planet, therefore saving the day.

The concept has been used in so many different sci-fi thrillers and superhero films and tv shows today, but Power Rangers was one of the originals which is why it was such a hit among the younger generation in the 90’s. But now that I’m all grown up, I admire the show on a different level, for all the hilarious action scenes and terrible costumes that it used.

But with the rising popularity of the show, toymakers started getting new ideas for their action figure collection. Power Ranger toys started springing up in almost every supermarket, and boy, were they flying off the shelves.

I remember seeing them in Asda for the first time as a kid while shopping for groceries with my mum. Suddenly we passed the children’s aisle and my eyes fell on an entire shelf stocked with Power Ranger toys. Of course I insisted on getting one – actually, I might have even wanted them all, after all they looked so cool and unique!

Cool Features

And from there onwards, I started building my own collection of Power Rangers, and surprisingly, there were quite a few in the line, all in different costumes, with different weapons and different features.

Probably the coolest thing about them was the fact that you could flip the figure’s head with a slight tug at its belt buckle. Suddenly the action figure’s head would disappear in his chest, and another one with a mask would pop out.

The green ranger named Jason sported a cool power pistol and a power sword (did they really have to use the word ‘power’ with everything?). The sword itself wasn’t particularly powerful because it never really did any real damage to the opponents, it simply created sparks every time it came in contact with something.

Probably the biggest creativity flaw with the figures was that they all had the same bodies but different skin colors and costumes, which was quite funny considering the fact that even the female fighters Trini and Kimberly had the same masculine built as their male counterparts.

The best part about these toys was that you could actually use the different weapons owned by the Power Rangers to create one mega power weapon – just like in the television show.

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