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John Travolta Recreates Iconic Grease Dance for 40th Anniversary

Not all the stars are capable of keep shining after all the years they have remained on the big screen but there is an exception and that is John Travolta. The American actor is still shining on the big screen and after a roller-coaster career of highs and lows, he managed to maintain an iconic career.

The star is very busy from the last couple of weeks as he has signed for a new movie but the main reason for his busy schedule is the 40th anniversary of “Grease”. To celebrate the anniversary, the star made comments on fan theories, danced at a 50 cent concert and his celebration level got to another level when he appeared on the talk show “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon.

John Travolta talking to Jimmy Fallon in “The Tonight Show”

At the show, he spoke a lot about his upcoming movie “Gotti” but Jimmy wouldn’t let him leave the show without talking about the famous dance move that made him star among the fans. After talking about his dancing and singing skills, Travolta said that the dance move about which Fallon was obsessing was actually an addition to the choreography.

While commenting on the famous dance move, he said that he has grown up in these novelty dances and at the end of “Grease”, the director needs a move for “You’re the One That I Want”.

Initially, Fallon asked him to show the simple move and while doing that it became the part of the dance. He taught Fallon how to perform the move and even took one minute in doing so. The dance move is as easy as it sounds, but when Travolta performs, it becomes special.

Other than “Grease”, there are many other movies which people are celebrating all over the world. Another movie that came in 1977 was “Saturday Night Fever ” and the people are celebrating the anniversary as an iconic movie. In that movie, the opening scene when Tony Manero (John Travolta) orders a slice of pizza from Lenny’s Pizza is still remembered by the fans. Still, people visit Lenny’s Pizza as a tourist destination and try to copy the style in which Manero ordered pizza.

John Travolta made a visit to Lenny’s Pizza to celebrate the anniversary of his movie

While celebrating the anniversary, Travolta visited Lenny’s Pizza and ordered the slice of pizza in the same way as he did in the movie. The interesting thing about the whole scene was that he was wearing the same black shirt and white blazer as he did in the movie. The movies of Travolta means a lot to him and that’s why he is celebrating all of those in the best possible way.

The American actor-director is very open to hearing from his fans even when he was going through a run of bad luck. There were many theories that fans built about “Grease” and in a recent theory on which the star also commented, stated that at the beginning of the movie “Sandy” died. The car that flew at the end of the movie made fans think that Sandy was off to heaven at that time.

John Travolta dancing with Princess Diana at President Reagan’s Grand Gala

While commenting on this theory, Travolta said that it was totally insane to think that Sandy died after the duo was spotted hanging around on the beach but admitted that it is a great theory.

But the superstar was quick to deny the theory as he said that this was not what story writers intended to write. Travolta made his appearance felt in the crowd as he is still making it the Hollywood headlines 40 years after his debut. According to many fans, it is hard to imagine Hollywood without Travolta.

A view of John Travolta’s house.

The star made his appearance on the big screen when he was 22-year-old. At that time, he released a song “Let Her In”. Many people had a crush on him as he was invited to the Grand Gala of President Reagan in 80’s and was asked to dance with Princess Diana.  The star has an unimaginable house and he has also set up an airport in the house. He knows how to pilot the plane and also owns planes.

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