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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Sound Of Music’

“The Sound Of Music” is the only musical everyone knows about. Whoever watched it the first time, fell in love with the character of Julie and her lovely voice. People started dancing with the song of Von Trapps.

As soon as it released, it became an all-time classic movie. No matter how many times you have watched this movie, there are some behind the scenes facts that you didn’t know about the movie. Here is everything you need to about the movie.

The Mountain Scene – A Struggle For Julie

The mountain scene which was also the opening scene of the movie looked effortless but indeed it wasn’t. It was too cold that time and it was raining as well. And above all, the helicopter was knocking over Julie all the time.

While commenting on the scene, she said that the downdraft produced by the helicopter was so strong that it flattened her into the grass everytime the scene retook. In the first couple of takes, it was fine but after a few retakes, I started feeling irritated, she added.

Hammerstein And The Last Rodgers

“The Sound Of The Music” was a musical of The Last Rodgers And Hammerstein.

There are many movies which include the music of Oscar Hammerstein and Richard Rodgers. And some of those movies are “The King and I”, “South Pacific”, and “Oklahoma”.

“The Sound Of Music” was broadcasted in 1959 for the critical review. Oscar Hammerstein II, the producer of “The Sound Of Music”, died due to stomach cancer in 1959 and “Edelweiss” was his last song.

Julie Andrews Made The Parody Before

Video of Pratt Family Singers performed by Andrews and Carol.

Back in 1962, Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews made a parody of “The Sound Of Music” when they performed a skit called “Pratt Family Singers”.

Julie Wasn’t In The Cast Initially

When Richard Rodgers auditioned Andrews for the role of Maria, he knew that she would be perfect for that role but instead she appeared in “My Fair Lady”. But nobody imagined that the Andrews would work well on the color screen.

But it was Walt Disney that showed the role of Andrews in “Mary Poppins”  and made William Wyler realize that how good she was. After playing roles in “The Sound of Music” and “Mary Poppins”, Andrews said that now everyone has realized that her personality is not only limited to nanny roles.

The Boat Scene

Kym Karath, who played the role of Gretl in the movie, still remembers the boat scene when it overturns and all the kids fell into a lake. Andrews supposed to jump forward and swim ahead of Karath to save her as she did not know how to swim. But unfortunately, Andrews jumped backward and couldn’t save Karath. While commenting on the scene, Karath said that she went underwater and swallowed a lot of water and after that, she vomited it out.

No Love From Christopher Plummer

The role of Captain von Trapp was played by Plummer and he absolutely hated the movie. He hated the movie so much that he once said that the name of the movie should be “The Sound of Mucus”. He further said that the movie was so sentimental that he hated it right from the beginning. In Salzburg, Plummer drank a lot and gained so much weight.

Julie Kept Giggling During The Romantic Scene

While singing “Something Good”, Plummer and Andrews had to stand together closely. But the whole scene spoiled when the lights above them made a noise and that’s what made Andrews giggle. While commenting on her giggles, Andrews said Plummer would be looking into her eyes and said I love you Maria and suddenly the lights started making noise.

Hammond Grew 6 Inches During Shooting

The role of Friedrich was played by Nicholas Hammad and when he started shooting he was 5 ft 3 in tall but when the shooting ended, he was 5 ft 9 in tall. The growth in his height remained a continuous problem for him as he needs to be taller than Louisa but shorter than Liesl. When the shooting started, he used to wear shoes with heavy sole but in the end, Hammad’s shoes were off and Carr started using a box to stand on.

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