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Last One Standing: Remaining Blockbuster Video Store is in Oregon

It is absolutely crazy how time flies so fast that people can hardly catch up. Things have changed so much from that the world is almost twenty years into the new millennium. With the time passing, things have of course changed and people have evolved and have learned to adapt.

Back in the early 2000s, technology such as mobile phones and computers are just beginning to take over. Now, advanced technology has made it possible for digital devices to take over. Social media is at its peak at the moments and will stay at the top for a few more years, so obviously, the internet will just continue to evolve over time.

One of the things that evolved the most is the media. Everyone literally is connected to the internet right now. It only used to be on computers but now it is literally on almost every device such as smartphones, tablets, and even TVs.

It is like if TVs can’t be connected to the internet then it would be snubbed like any other devices that didn’t make it through these past few years. One of those devices is VHS and CD/DVD players. Teenagers of this generation might not actually know what they are, and if they do, it is only because of the vintage collection their older siblings or parents have.

Media Evolving

Over the years, technology has indeed taken over the world. Back in the day, when people wish to see a movie that is no longer in the cinemas, they would buy or rent a copy from their favorite rental shop. One of the most famous ones in the United States is known as Blockbuster. Most youngsters nowadays may actually not know what a video rental shop is. Well, basically, it is a retail store wherein people could go rent movies, television shows, video games, and more since they are mostly on VHS, Beta, or DVD.


Nowadays, there is no need for one since most kids don’t even know what a DVD is. All they do now is stream a movie from their favorite streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO, or Hulu, then they could simply watch it. They could also have an option to buy a copy of the film on either iTunes or Amazon. Everything nowadays is just one click away so there is actually no need to go to a physical retail store to get videos.

Last Blockbuster Store

Unfortunately, because of how everybody is literally going cravat for streaming services nowadays, video rental places don’t have a choice but to close their doors since nobody wants to rent videos and games from them, anywhere.

People could literally just sit on their couches and pick a movie from a streaming device, instead of actually going to the store and pick them out in exchange for the previous ones. One particular store is known as Blockbuster, and during the 90s and early 2000s, they are definitely dominating the industry.

However, the rise of streaming services immediately killed the business. In fact, most of their stores have already been closed and been bought. Some stores that were left are in some towns in Alaska, but the only reason why they are still open is that the internet connection is not that good in the area.

Then again, on a recent Facebook post, the branches that are surviving in Alaska announced that they will be selling all of the inventory they have left and then will be out of business.

It was back in 2013 when most of the stores actually had to close in almost all the branches in the United States. However, the last two stores in Alaska closes, there will now be only one Blockbuster store left in the country, and that is the one in Oregon.

In an interview with the Blockbuster store manager in Oregon, Sandi Harding, she admitted that there are still some locals who actually come in. She had worked there since 2004 so she knows exactly how much things have changed. The store manager said that there are people who still like to go out and have their own personal experiences instead of just sitting at home and flicking through the screen to pick a movie.

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